Capital Condos in Downtown Kingston | An Update from TeamCHAMP

Ontario Municipal Board Sets Dates for Capitol Condo Pre-Hearing

If you enjoy keeping up with Kingston real estate news, you’re in luck: the Ontario Municipal Board has announced that February 27th and 28th are the official dates of the pre-hearing for the controversial Capitol condos project. Although the project was approved by city council last September by a vote of 7-6, four Kingston residents have appealed the decision. Among other concerns, they oppose the project due to its height. IN8 Developments did reduce the proposed building from 20 to 16 stories last year, but Capital condos would still be too high according to zoning regulations for the area. Many worry that such a high, uncharacteristically modern building would dominate the city’s skyline.

Your stance on Capitol condos is likely influenced by your vision for downtown Kingston. Many disapprove of the project because they believe that highrises are incompatible with Kingston’s historic downtown. In September, Councillor Peter Stroud argued that many capital cities in Europe maintain their character by banning highrises in favour of lower buildings. Allowing one highrise building in downtown Kingston would only lead to more being built in the future, which would permanently change our city’s historic character. Other concerns include an increase in traffic congestion, and the potential shadows the building would create over downtown.

Alternatively, a large residential building downtown would promote development and revitalize Kingston’s downtown. The proposed building has 213 units, and would give people the opportunity to live in a fantastic area of downtown Kingston that they may not have been able to afford otherwise. More people living downtown equals more consumers, which would allow old and new businesses to thrive. If we want to reverse the trend of vacant storefronts on Princess Street, then we need more people spending money downtown. Supporters of the project also argue that because condominiums are quickly becoming the most popular housing option for millennial buyers, the Capitol has the potential to foster a younger, more vibrant community in downtown Kingston.

Whatever your opinion is on the Capitol condos project, pay attention to the news on February 27th and 28th to hear how everything plays out.

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