Kingston Century 21 Realtor – Electronic Energy Meter


I came across an interesting article by the City of Kingston that detailed the benefits of using an “Electronic Energy Meter” on your appliances. This gadget is a new tool to help consumers determine their actual energy consumption for various appliances/electronics in there home. The goal is to encourage consumers to make more informed choices regarding the purchase of new appliances or electronics and to help consumers realize how much energy and money that could be being wasted by older household items. For those of us who are conscious of energy consumption, this may truly help us to determine which household appliances are energy wasters!

So where can you get one of these meter’s – oddly enough you can take one out from the Kingston Frontenac Public Library! They have 10 meters available to borrow. You might need a library card to borrow this item, but if you can get
your hands on it, it’ll be a good way to identify where you can start saving money – at home.