Your Home vs. Your Next Outdoor Party

We hope you enjoyed the recent long weekend! Though the Victoria Day long weekend is known as the unofficial start of summer, we’re not quite there yet. If you’re staring longingly at your barbeque waiting to throw your first outdoor party of the year, use this time to brush up on your hosting skills and get your home ready for party season. TeamCHAMP has got you covered with great tips to make your home—and hospitality—the talk of the neighbourhood. Just call us PartyCHAMP.

Earlier this year, we suggested that you do a spring deck inspection. If you didn’t heed our advice then, do it now; nothing kills an outdoor get-together quite like someone stepping through one of your decayed deck boards.

On the topic of safety, ensure that your barbeque is ready for safe grilling this season. Clean the grease trap and ensure that gas hoses are free from cracks and other damage.  Diligent inspections and frequent maintenance are the best ways to prevent nasty fires.

Upgrade your standard paper plates and plastic cutlery with a trip to IKEA. The Swedish megastore has cheap, reusable dishware that’s kinder on the environment than disposable products. This colourful six-pack of plastic plates is in stock at IKEA’s Ottawa location. If you’re not interested in driving two hours to pick up dishes for your next party, never fear: you can easily order them online.

Every great party starts with a great playlist. If you read The City That Spring Forgot—one of our blog posts from earlier this month—you probably already created a great summer playlist to bring on the season. If you haven’t, then you’re off to a late start. Generally, you should always take our advice (it’ll save you time in the long run).

Embrace your outdoor space as much as possible. We’re certain the interior of your home is lovely, but we Canadians only have a brief window to spend time (comfortably) outdoors. Clean your patio furniture and verify the stability of the food-serving table. If your guests are concerned about bugs in the evening, stock up on some citronella candles. Keep some blankets on hand as well for the more cold prone in your group.

If you’re reading our blog, we trust you’re a super fun, intelligent individual who knows exactly what to do for food, drink, and entertainment. Let your imagination run wild!

Happy entertaining!