How to Stage You Home in the Winter | TeamCHAMP Jenn Molleson

Many sellers shy away from selling their homes in the winter. While less light and poor weather may scare away some buyers, staging your home correctly will make selling your home in the winter surprisingly easy. Century 21 Champ Realty Ltd’s TeamCHAMP / Jenn Molleson (Sales Representative) sell houses all year long (including winter!), so keep reading for tips on how to successfully stage your home this season.

1. Let There Be Light: Unlike summer, winter is cursed with less-than-ideal amounts of sunlight. That’s why it’s especially important to maximize the amount of light that enters your home. Do the following to ensure your home is reaching its full light potential:

Have potential buyers visit only during peak daylight hours (generally between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.).

Clean your windows! No one wants to be outside cleaning windows in the winter, but it’s a necessary evil. On the plus side, you’ll never complain about cleaning the insides of your windows again.

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, place mirrors strategically throughout your house to increase natural light and make rooms feel larger.

Make sure all blinds are drawn and curtains are pulled back.

Use warm-toned lamps and flameless candles to create ambient lighting. This contributes to your home’s brightness while also creating a cozy atmosphere. Bonus points if you have a gas fireplace that you can leave on!

2. Warm Hands, Warm Hearts: After making your home as bright as it can be, don’t skimp on the heat. Turn up your thermostat by a couple degrees so that guests get an immediate sense of warmth when they enter your home. Ultimately, heat will allow viewers to focus on your beautiful home instead of their frozen fingers and toes.

3. Safety First: Nothing dampens a viewing quite like potential buyers slipping and falling while trying to enter your home. Make sure your driveway is adequately shovelled, and that walkways and stairs are completely clear. For extra traction, lay down some sand or salt.

4. What’s That Smell? We must admit that the ability to leave windows open is a great advantage when selling your home in the summer. While you can of course leave your windows open in the winter, potential buyers (and your heating bill) would prefer they stay closed. Unfortunately, a lack of fresh air means that you need to take a bit of initiative to keep your home smelling great during the winter. If you have a particularly smelly pet, put some extra work into keeping them clean. This goes for your pet’s favourite furniture too. Though using fragrance may seem like the perfect way to keep your home fresh, don’t overdo it. Buyers may be put off by an overly perfumed home.

5. Bring the Outside In: Compensate for winter’s lack of vegetation by decorating your home with seasonal greenery. Cuttings of Fraser Fir, White Pine, and Cedar will give your home a festive appeal (and they smell great too!).

And there you have it! Selling your home in the winter doesn’t have to be scary. With a little extra care and consideration, you’ll never want to sell your home in any other season.