Kingston Buyer’s Agent | Market Update

Where did the time go? It’s hard to imagine but we are now into the month of November. Our market has been chugging along, but not nearly as bountiful as our neighbours in TO. As a norm, we typically have a stable fall market, good inventory for buyers to choose from and a pair that with a decent number of sales. This year however is different. September started us off as per normal, but then we saw a shift in October. The market started to cool off, which was no surprise with the looming election at the time. But now that the fate of our country has been decided, will we see a spring back in the market? Buyers have really cooled off, where did they go? With interest rates at an all time low, buyers should, in theory, be out buying great homes while they still can get the low rates. At mortgage rates as low as 2.09% these days, and forecasts pointing to them going up, the time to buy is clearly now. And with sellers in a state of disappointment at the heavy “Buyers Market”, a deal is surely to be had for any buyers wanting to jump in and buy their new home!

So, if you want to find that perfect spot, give me a call or email. There is still time to find a home and get the low interest rate!