Kingston Century 21 Real Estate Agent & Military Approved

This is my blog. You got it, all mine. I’ve had this blog for years now and it’s full of lots of good info about buying and selling homes in the Kingston area. You’ve heard about my awards – you know the one’s they give me because I’ve had great success at my career. You’ve heard about my tips on house hunting – some are pretty good right?! I’ve even shared some personal insight on me. But let’s dig deeper in 2016. Let’s work together!

I wish I could say I was a writer, but I’m not. What I am though is a wife, a mother, and a Realtor. I think what I love about my career is that my clients really get to know me. I bring to the table great depth to the skill set you seek in a Realtor – I consider myself exceedingly qualified to represent buyers and sellers. But I also create some great moments with my clients. Funny thing is, the life of a Realtor is unpredictable. We never know what the next day will hold. And because of that, and being a wife and mother, this means that you get to know a lot about me – and vice versa.

I’ve got chapters worth of amazing memories from the past 8 years and I plan to add more to it this year! Let me help you with your move in 2016.

So if you are in the military and posted to Kingston this year or if you are simply looking to make a move this season, look no further. Take action and pick a Realtor who really wants to make your move the best possible experience (and if we can have a good time that’s a bonus!).