Kingston Military Approved Realtor | Canadian Military Family Mag. – Staying Connected

I came across this article in the Canadian Military Family Magazine which I thought I would share with my Military clients, new and old!

The author is a military wife, who jotted down a list of tips to help you stay connected with your kids. So whether you are expecting a deployment, a posting, or an IR move, you may find these tips useful.

Click here to read the full article.

Some of her tips are simple, but reminders are always a good thing. Like asking your kids questions. I try to ask my daughter questions about her school day. So instead of saying “did you have fun today?” which usually gets me the quick “yep”, I try to probe with more specific questions that may evoke a deeper response. Such as “What did you do during craft time today?” and so on.

So take a read, it’s a short article but some useful points from a Military wife’s perspective.

And it’s never to much to say thank you again to my military clients, and all the military personnel in general. You & your families give so much to our country and I want to thank you for all you do.