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My life in a renovation.

Renovations. Kids. Work. Life. Money. And wait, sanity (or is that insanity?). Not sure some days. We bought what we think is our perfect home. We’ll let’s rephrase that, it will be our perfect home…one day. It’s in the perfect location (for us), with a great yard and the best part was that it needed renovations. This was a big plus in our eyes. We’ve renovated a home once before and we loved the process. We also loved that it was our picks, and our sweat and labour. That’s not to say that we didn’t make mistakes, rushed choices or wouldn’t change some things but we liked it enough to do it again.

The thing is though, we buy, move into, and renovate while living in the home. With two kids. Good times!

As we embark on this new phase of our life, this new whole home project and settle into our new digs, I’ll share some of my experiences along the way. If there is one thing to say, experience teaches you a lot.

So I’ll leave this blog post with one take away for those thinking of buying and renovating a home – make sure not to over pay for a home that needs a renovation. That’s my job – so give me a call if you want to find a fixer upper!