Our Brief, Yet Useful Guide to November in Kingston

During the fall, it seems that October gets all the attention. Temperatures are pleasant, leaves are at their most colourful, and two food-based holidays (Thanksgiving and Halloween!) make October a pretty exciting month. In comparison, November doesn’t stand a chance. In order to keep you busy this month, we at TeamCHAMP have compiled this brief guide to get you out of your warm, cozy home and into the city and beyond (at least for a little bit).

First on our list is a little physical activity to get you moving before you begin to hibernate for the winter: Rock Dunder! Located about 45km from Kingston, this wilderness area is a must-see for both Kingston residents and visitors. After hiking to the summit, you’ll find the expansive view of the Rideau Waterway is worth the exercise. And with three different trails to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Rock Dunder is open until November 15th , so don’t miss out on your opportunity to explore this great wilderness area before it closes for the season.

If you find yourself cold after all that time outside, don’t distress. Amadeus Café—located at 170 Princess Street—has the perfect seasonal beverage to warm your body and your spirits. Right now, Amadeus Café is serving Austria and Germany’s quintessential cold-weather drink: gluhwein! Pronounced “glue-vine”—also known in English as mulled wine—gluhwein is a traditional holiday drink made from a combination of red wine, spices, sugar, and citrus. Served steaming hot, gluhwein is sure to keep you warm all season long.

Finally, downtown Kingston’s Window Wonderland begins this year on Saturday, November 19th . Stores will be creating holiday-themed window displays, and it’s your job to vote for the best one! Voting begins on November 21 st , and you can cast your vote on social media, online poll, or ballot boxes, which are located within participating businesses. Make sure to vote, as doing so enters you into a draw for a $500 downtown shopping spree! Window Wonderland—in combination with all of downtown Kingston’s great eating and shopping—is sure to make your November seem a little less grey.

Do you have any activities you do to keep yourself occupied this month? Let us know!

Until next time,