Your Spring Home Inspection by TeamCHAMP

It’s Time for Your Spring Home Inspection (and Some Fun, Too)

It’s spring! And as we all know, spring comes with responsibilities. You may think that your pre-winter home inspection was enough to get you through the year. Unfortunately, winters are hard on homes. Doing a spring inspection allows you to catch damage early, before it snowballs into bigger and costlier repairs. Follow our list below and finish your work early. When patio season arrives, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy the season. Once you’re done being a responsible homeowner, reward yourself by exploring some of the fun spring events Kingston has to offer.

– Daylight savings time began on March 12th. If you haven’t already, make sure all the clocks in your home read the same time.
– Change the batteries in your carbon monoxide and fire detectors.
– Your deck may have struggled to survive the winter – inspect it for warped or broken boards. If necessary, wash your deck and apply a water-resistant coating to prolong its lifespan.
– Inspect your roof. Check for missing or damaged tiles, granule loss (look in your gutters for granule accumulation), and exposed nails. Inspect the flashing and re-caulk damaged areas to prevent leaks.
– Check your gutters for winter damage. Remember, damaged or clogged gutters allow water to fall down the sides of your home, causing foundation damage. While you’re at it, ensure that your downspouts and gutters are properly connected. The weight of snow and icicles may have caused them to separate, leading to (you guessed it) the possibility of water damage.

– Though it may sound cliché, do some spring-cleaning. If you need tips on how to declutter your home, read our previous blog post on the subject here. Aside from cleaning advice, you can also find ideas on easy home renovations.

After your work is done, celebrate spring’s arrival in proper Canadian style by heading into the sugar bush. Maple Madness is on again at the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area! The event runs for two more weekends (March 25th – 26th, and April 1st – 2nd), from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Connect with your inner outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) by doing a tree tapping demonstration, then get your hands dirty with some old-fashioned sugar bush chores. If doing chores after spring-cleaning doesn’t sound appealing, that’s okay. Relax, eat some pancakes, and buy a bunch of maple paraphernalia for your home instead. All you need to know about Maple Madness can be found here.

If you’re interested in renovating or upgrading your home so it looks its best for spring and summer, you’re in luck: the 6th annual Kingston Home & Garden Show is on from March 24th – 26th at the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex. Whether you want to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, or improve your lawn or gardening skills, there are vendors here to assist you. The event is co-located with the Boat & Recreation Show, perfect for those who would rather buy a boat than renovate a bathroom. Tickets are $10 and include two free shows.

Finally, if you want to enroll yourself, your children—or the whole family—in any spring and summer recreation programs, registration day is on March 25th from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at INVISTA Centre and the Artillery Park Aquatic Centre. You can drop by the centre to register in person, or you can register online by clicking here. There’s a huge range of programs available, ranging from your standard swimming lessons to beginner Arabic classes! And if you’ve ever wanted to make your own paddle, you’re in luck: they have a class for that too. Spring and Summer Recreation & Leisure Guide for complete program information.

Of course, whether you put work before play is up to you. As long as your home is safe and well maintained, that’s all that matters. Happy spring!