Take a Stand at Work with the Sit Kicker Campaign

You’re spending too much time sitting at work. You may already know this – 63% of Canadians worry that they spend too much of their workday sitting. And for good reason: studies show that sedentary behaviour contributes to obesity, increases your risk of diabetes, hurts your heart, and can even cause premature death. To prevent the health effects associated with excessive sitting, the government has recently unveiled its Sit Kicker campaign, which requires participants to interrupt sitting every 30 minutes to improve both physical and mental wellbeing. As of April 16th, 394 Canadian workplaces have become Sit Kickers, clocking a total of 13,316 minutes standing.

To introduce the Sit Kicker campaign into your workplace, start by ordering your Sit Kicker Kit here. The kit contains standing desks (the first two are free) and engagement materials with a variety of sitting and standing-themed puns. For particularly competitive workplaces, you can track your standing time by downloading the Sit Kicker app. Make things more interesting by introducing punishments for those who sit the most, like banning them from the elevators or making them park at the very back of the lot. Ensure these “punishments” stay light-hearted; if HR becomes involved, you’ve gone too far.

The benefits of these standing periods speak for themselves. According to the Sit Kicker website, increasing the amount of standing time at work causes individuals to feel more focused, more productive, and increases the quality of their work. Physical benefits include “burning extra calories, improving blood circulation, less back pain and less risk of disease.”

If you can’t adopt standing desks into your workplace, there are other ways you can interrupt sitting. Go on walks during your lunch break. Don’t want to give up your eating time for exercise? Make it a habit to do certain activities standing up (like phone calls or message taking). If all else fails, convince your co-worker to bring their super cute dog into work; animals are always able to get people out of their chairs.

This May, be a stander, not a sitter. Get out there and show the world just how much standing you can do.