TeamCHAMP’s Guide to Relocation and House Hunting Trips 2017

TeamCHAMP’s Guide to Relocation and House Hunting Trips (HHT) 2017


It’s that time of year again! If you’re in the military, you’re probably aware that posting messages are coming out at the end of the month. And if you get posted to CFB Kingston, we’ve got you covered. TeamCHAMP has the experience, resources, and award-winning staff to ensure your transition to Kingston is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Keep reading for our advice on how to handle your upcoming move.

(1) Pre-Move Considerations
Once you receive your posting message, pre-register with brookfield for your move with Brookfield. Brookfield is the relocation service associated with the Federal Government Integrated Relocation Program (IRP). More general information about the service can be found here.

Inform yourself as much as possible about the logistics of moving. To get you started, read It’s Your Move, Brookfield’s guide to relocating. This 187-page guide contains detailed legal and financial information, and even gives advice on how to make moving easier on kids, pets, and plants.
(2) Planning Your House Hunting Trip
A successful house hunting trip (HHT) ends in a door-to-door move. Door-to-door moves are the ideal outcome, as they save time, stress, and the costs associated with storage and interim accommodation. However, successful HHTs don’t happen overnight! Thoroughly plan your HHT and follow these tips to ensure a successful result!
Do preliminary research: once you receive your posting message, research your new city. Familiarize yourself with neighbourhoods, schools, shopping areas, etc. Ask yourself questions about your ideal living situation: how much are you willing to spend? How long are you willing to commute? What facilities are must-haves in your future neighbourhood? Do you prefer living in an urban, suburban, or rural setting?

Start Early: Ideally go on your house hunting trip at least 45 – 60 days before your move date. Don’t procrastinate! You never know what unexpected events may happen, and having plenty of time to rethink plans is a great way to prevent unwanted stress.

Work with a Realtor, contact Jenn Molleson (Century 21 Champ Realty Ltd | TeamCHAMP): we’re the professionals – we know the market, and have the resources and networks to help you find listings that suit your needs. We can help you navigate the legal requirements of buying a home, and can support you through the often-tricky negotiation process. Moving to a new city is already a big challenge; we’ll help make finding your new home easy. And Jenn Molleson has worked with numerous military personnel over the last 9 years; so she knows how to make your trip a success!

Communicate with us! Before your HHT, let us know your needs and preferences. If you find it helpful, create a “have/need/want” list and send it to us before we meet. Knowing what’s important to you increases the chances that we’ll find properties you love. Of course, clear communication is key for every aspect of your move. Let us know your HHT dates, especially if your schedule changes. You can reach us by phone, email, website, or even fax (if that’s your style), so you’ll never have to worry about ways to stay in touch.

Come Prepared: when you come for your HHT, the days can often be long and tiring. Thankfully, we’ve created a showings toolkit to help you make the most of your HHT. Click here to read our suggestions. We feel particularly strongly about the snacks suggestion; HHTs are much more enjoyable when you’re not distracted by thoughts of food.

(3) Familiarize Yourself with Kingston
If you are posted to Kingston, you’re in luck: our city has a rich history, an advantageous location, and a high quality of life. In 2014, Kingston was named one of the top 7 smartest communities in the world, the best place in Canada to retire, and the fourth best medium-sized city in Canada. Below is some suggested reading material for you to get to know your new city:
Festivals & Events: Kingston is a busy place events-wise, meaning that you’ll never have an excuse to be bored again. Click here for a list of events spanning from April 29th to September 29th. This Visit Kingston site posts a monthly list of 25 events happening in the city, guides on where to eat and drink, and much more.

Food: our blog frequently writes about Kingston’s culinary scene, and for good reason: Kingston has tons of great restaurants, almost more per capita than anywhere else in Canada. Here is a general list of Kingston restaurants, from Caribbean to German and beyond. If you’re interested in exploring restaurants that feature local ingredients, check out this list here. In addition to using locally grown food, many of these restaurants carry beer and wine from local craft breweries and wineries.

Kingston Military Family Resource Centre’s Guide to Kingston: this KMFRC guide contains almost everything you need to know about life in Kingston. The guide also has a great moving checklist, stretching from 6 – 8 weeks before your move to moving day. The centre is an invaluable resource for military personnel: through their programs and services, KMFRC strives to support military families and build a strong military community in Kingston. Check them out!

 Kingston Visitor’s Guide 2015: this is the ultimate guide for things to see and do in Kingston. There’s also significant information about the city’s history, so you can brush up on your knowledge before the move. Of course, Sir John A. Macdonald—Canada’s first Prime Minister and fellow Kingstonian—is everywhere in this guide. Get used to it! Sir John is a pretty popular figure around here.

 Welcome to Downtown Kingston: Downtown Kingston! BIA: if you’re into statistical and demographic information, this guide is for you. Where else are you going to learn fun facts like 55.4% of Kingstonians have a post-secondary education, or that CFB Kingston has 3,700 military and 800 civilian workers on base?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be! If you keep this guide with you and thoroughly research the moving process, you’ll be surprised at how easy moving can be. And of course, we’re here to help: when you’re ready to start organizing your HHT, contact Jenn Molleson with TeamCHAMP in Kingston!