Kingston Real Estate – Why sign a Buyers Representation Agreement?

When it comes to signing an agreement, it’s understandable that we get little bit nervous. Often the uneasy feeling is due to the lack of understanding the agreement and the benefits signing this would bring to you. To help you understand the point of signing a buyers representation agreement, I thought I would shed some light on how this agreement truly helps YOU.

Simply put, this is an agreement that works in favour of buyers – it guarantees that you will receive service that protects your interests as the buyer. As a real estate agent, I am mandated to disclose my role at the earliest opportunity. In doing this, I would discuss the difference between the various type of agreements, the duties I owe you as my client, and overall how the entire partnership between myself as your Real Estate Agent and my buyers will work. And contrary to what some may believe, signing of this agreement does not have to cost you money. In 99% of real estate transactions, the seller pays the commission. In the other 1%, I’ll make sure to consider this in any offer to purchase you decide to make. This means that at all times you are fully aware of the possible outcome. So you see, in the end it’s about ensuring that you have an experienced real estate agent on your side, negotiating for YOU, protecting YOUR interests and managing the sale from start to finish. The next time you head out to look at available properties, think about who is working for YOU in the sale. Contact me if you’d like more details or if you want our team working for YOU. We proudly serve buyers and sellers in the Kingston Area.