Kingston Century 21 Realtor – Why work with a REALTOR?


The role of a REALTOR is sometimes misunderstood. The role of a REALTOR comes down to a qualified representative to work on your behalf. While this sounds straightforward, a REALTOR is there to work for you and through a Listing Agreement or Buyer Representation agreement we become legally obligated to look after the best interest of the person we are representing. This is very important because when you enlist the assistance of a REALTOR, we keep your best interest in mind throughout the entire process – we use our knowledge of the real estate market to help you make informed decisions, we can help you to achieve the goals you have with your next home purchase or sale and we become your trusted partner throughout the entire process.

To help make sure that our role is easy to understand, the Ontario Real Estate Association has provided agents with a brochure titled “Working with a REALTOR” which should be provided by your agent to you at the beginning of your relationship. This brochure ensures that our role as a REALTOR is fully disclosed to you, so that at all times you understand who’s working for you. After all, when you seek out a representative to help you with buying or selling you home, you want to know where you fit into the equation! So the next time you meet with a Real Estate Agent ask for this brochure or better yet, call me to set up an appointment!